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We’ve helped many clients protect their AWS infrastructure from the most common and pressing kinds of risks. Either through cloud optimisation, or via our VMaaS (Managed Vulnerability as a Service) offering. When you’re protected, you can focus on what you do best - providing a great service to your customers.

You Are Not Alone 

The latest research from Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report showed that:

  • 83% of enterprises find cloud security to be a significant challenge.
  • Across all report respondents, security was the number one concern.
  • For enterprises gaining confidence in cloud services, security was one of the few areas they were still struggling to manage properly.

But there’s no such thing as security in a vacuum 

We know that governance and cost of your cloud environments are top of your agenda, too.  We follow the AWS Well Architected Framework, which champions a harmonic blend of:

  1. Operational excellence: monitoring and maintaining your cloud environment
  2. Security: ensuring confidentiality, data integrity and access control
  3. Reliability: making sure you can respond to failure
  4. Performance efficiency: making sure speed and latency are considered
  5. Cost optimisation: doing all of the above, without breaking the bank

Focusing on a well-rounded solution will ensure a lasting improvement, whilst also making sure you’re protected.

On top of that – we also offer vulnerability management as an on-going managed service. So after your infrastructure’s built to best practice, you can offload the complexity of security management one and for all.

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Just 15 minutes with one of our architects can help start your optimisation journey. Drop us your details here and we will get in touch to set up a time that works for you.

Why choose Just After Midnight to secure your cloud?

  • AWS Well-Architected Review

    We audit all areas of your cloud platform, leaving no stone unturned. Whatever your priorities are, we can ensure your solution meets your specific needs whilst also saving you money.

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  • Complimentary VMaaS offering

    After ensuring your cloud is guard against threats, we can continue to monitor and remediate your entire stack through our VMaaS service.

  • Trusted Partner

    We manage the cloud for household names around the world. Let us take care of your cloud.

  • 24/7, full-stack support

    We are one of the few partners offering 24/7 services that can actually boast available teams 24 hours a day via locations across the globe. No phones by the bed!

  • A team dedicated to you

    We work as an extension of your IT department, bringing our cloud expertise into your enterprise.

  • Cloud expertise

    By choosing us, you'll be gaining a dedicated team of AWS certified experts who know the platform inside out.


How do we do it? AWS cloud security methods

  • Automating Security Best Practices

    Automated security mechanisms means safety and agility, allowing you to scale without exposing yourself to risk.

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  • Implementing a Strong Identity Foundation

    Centralising identity management and a ‘least privilege’ policy allows for a flexible and secure approach to access in a world where remote work is key.

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  • Preparing for Security Events

    Building a partly automated incident response and preparation process means you can adapt to new threats fast.

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  • Regular Scans and Monitoring

    Through our VMaaS offering, we scan difficult-to-detect assets, carry out emergency patching and more.

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