Why this matters - The downside 

  • The average cost of unplanned downtime is $5,600 per minute, and the average site is down three hours a month. Or, to put it another way, you could be losing over $1M per month
  • The average dissatisfied customer tells between nine and fifteen people about their bad experience, and ‘a bad experience’ can be as little as a few extra seconds’ load time
  •  According to a recent UC Irvine study, it takes teams nearly half an hour to get back to their previous level of productivity after a system comes back online

We could go on. But we think you get the picture: cost, reputation, internal productivity.


Good uptime figures keep you in the red, keep your reputation sparkling and keep your own teams up and running. 

But what’s the magic number? For best results, seven 9s – that’s two before the decimal and five after, for 99.99999% uptime – is recommended.

And the good news is Just After Midnight together with AWS can get you there.  With a mix of global 24/7 support, rigorous testing, highly available AWS infrastructure, AWS Well Architected Review principles and a personal touch.


Find out if your website is ready for a peak

Just After Midnight and AWS are running a Plan  for Peak initiative. We are offering you a free review of your customer-facing digital assets. It includes:

  • A review of your AWS architecture against the 5 pillars of AWS’ Well Architected Framework with a focus on performance and reliability
  • Load testing for an agreed number of concurrent users
  • Final report with recommendations

To book your session, provide your details below and we will get in touch and get started.



Why Just After Midnight & AWS?

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 support is who we are. Just After Midnight support brands such as Ford, Heineken and Sainsbury's bank, and with offices in three time zones, we'll have your business-critical site or application covered no matter the time or place.

  • AWS High-Availability

    AWS services are some of the most reliable, secure, highly available and recoverable solutions in cloud. Just After Midnight are Advanced Consulting Partners, meaning know how to design the most cost-optimised solutions for our clients.

  • Designing for Reliability

    We follow the AWS Well Architected Framework, a set of design principles which maximise reliability and security and ensure uptime.

  • The Personal Touch

    We're always here at the other end of the phone or Slack channel, which means you always get to talk to a real and qualified person in the event of an outage.


  • Give your customers a great experience

    Being 'always on' means your customers will have a great experience and keep coming back.

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  • Maximise your SEO

    Downtime impacts negatively on your search engine rankings. Get protected and stay on top.

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  • Improve your reputation

    Bad news spreads. Make sure you're 'always on' and spread some good news instead.

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  • Protect your revenue

    Put the capital you've freed up with uptime into driving your business forward.

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