What are we offering?

Just After Midnight works with leading Sitecore Partners to support mission-critical applications around the clock.

Whether it’s application support, cloud or DevOps, we fill in the out-of-hours blanks and take the pressure off your team.

How we do it:

  1. Teams spread around the globe in the US, Singapore, Australia and the UK
  2. We don’t develop or write code so we never compete with you
  3. We monitor uptime, user transactions and infra so we know something’s wrong before your client does
  4. Guaranteed SLAs to protect you and your clients

Becoming your devs’ favorite person and secure revenue and reputation in four easy steps:

  1. We get close and personal with your client’s stack, creating detailed runbooks and dedicated comms channels
  2. We maintain, optimize, monitor and govern client applications, making sure they’re fully patched and running at peak performance
  3. We proactively monitor incidents and manage to a swift resolution according to your SLA
  4. We also provide DaaS for any out-of-hours deployments that keep your team up

How we work with you  

We can work white label or directly with your end clients as your dedicated support partner.

Our mission is to fit like a glove, becoming a seamless extension of your team and making you wonder how you ever got by without us.

If you like what you see, check in with our US CEO Freddie Heygate and let us know when’s a good time to chat, or just send us your details and we’ll be in touch about how we can work together.

Some of our Sitecore projects with agency partners

Our Sitecore services


We migrate, design, build and manage cloud-native infrastructures for agencies and their clients. We know how to function as a third-party cloud partner, supporting and building infra for the likes of Tums, Volvo and their agencies.

With certified Sitecore engineers available any time, we can respond to end-user requests, troubleshoot issues, and manage incidents to resolution 24/7, 365.


We work with agencies to develop CI/CD pipelines as well as supplying DevOps engineers during crucial out-of-hours windows for deployments and more.


With partners across the USA, Europe and APAC, we provide a truly global service. So wherever you or your clients are based, contact us today to find out what we can do.